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ID No: #1155
05.03.2020 17:18

Dükkan Hifi

Cube audio f8 magus driver stoklarda

Cube Audio F8 Magus is the 8" flagship fullrange driver.  

With even more powerful motor and new coatings on the cone this is a real beast.

We aimed for more dynamic and even richer sound than Cube Audio Fc8 and from what we hear from our first customers, that's exactly what you can expect. It's just pure Magic. 

Fs  = 40 Hz 
Re  = 6 ohms
Le  = 0.01 mH
Qt  = 0.37
Qes = 0.37
Qms =16.4
Cms = 0.74 mm/N
Vas = 53 liters
Sd= 230 cm^2

Bl  = 9 Tm

Xmax = +- 3 mm*

Xdamage = +- 6 mm
Sensitivity = 94 dB

  • Voice coil remains in 100% of magnetic field.
Why and how do we do it

    We believe that fullrange speakers can create an illusion of live music that multiway loudspeakers struggle to match. Amazing soundstage,  absolute holography, magical midrange, open and direct sound that gives you the most emotional presentation possible of your favourite music.