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10.01.2019 16:21

Dükkan Hifi

High Fidelity Cables - Yeni CT2 Interconnect

ntroducing the new CT-2 Series. A new magnetic moment begins now.

The CT-2 Series is an entirely new cable design that resets the core offering of our family of magnetic conductors. It is the numerical successor of our very first line - the CT-1 Series - that put us on the map way back in 2012. We've learned a lot since then, and the culmination of all of our discoveries has trickled down from our massive reference level Helix conductors down to the new elegantly compact design of the CT-2.

Our patented magnetic conduction technology in Helix form utilizes a specific array of powerful spherical magnets that further focuses electrons to the concentrated core of the conductor. The clearly audible benefit is perceived as extreme clarity with unbridled dynamics due to the overall reduction of signal distortion and an increase in signal efficiency. The inventor and designer, Rick Schultz, has told us, "Considering all the factors involved, for its value this is the very best cable I've ever built." At a starting price of only $2,000 MSRP, it clearly threatens the extinction of the double-digit thousand dollar dinosaurs of conventional conductors previously available.

Let's face it, the best high fidelity experience is magnetic. A musical moment when you are pulled into the performance and attracted to every detail on a lifelike stage. With the immediate arrival of the CT-2 Series, a new magnetic moment in the history of high-end audio cabling has begun. Make your own high fidelity system more magnetic today by experiencing this patented technology at home.


"We had a listen to the CT2 interconnects in the system yesterday out-of-the-box, and from the outset I could hear that something very interesting was going on. During the first few hours the cable sounded on the dull side, sound-stage was constrained, highs were not very extended and bass lack clout and definition. 25 hours later and the cable has transformed, quite the most profound burn-in I have experienced. I could think of a dozen adjectives to express what I hear, but what impresses the most is the coherence and tangible quality of the music. I feel like I'm hearing right to the core of the music."

- Mark Bartlett, Audiocom AV Ltd