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15.02.2020 10:39


Viva Audio Egoista 845 Lotusconcept'de

The Viva Egoista 845, where extreme high-end audio meets Italian style


Behold the majesty of the Viva Egoista 845, some might say it's too large to be a headphone amp -- it's more akin to an integrated amp -- but it's gloriously over the top. 

The Egoista is hand crafted in Italy and features specially designed output transformers designed for use exclusively with headphones.

While you might expect the Egoista's sound might be overly rich and warm with six tubes, it never once sounded that way. The sound was neutral and stunningly clear, you never got the feeling the Egoista was coloring the sound, it certainly did not.

I listened with a few different sets of headphones, including my Abyss AB-1266, and while I know this headphone well, it sounded shockingly better with the Egoista. First the midrange was more natural with voices, it sounded more human than I've heard from this or any other headphone before. The purity of the sound along with the sheer immediacy of it grabbed my attention.

This much I know for sure, the Egoista 845's sound with the best headphones is va-va-voom fabulous. 

Steve Guttenberg