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03.08.2019 11:36

Wolf Von Langa

Wolf von Langa WVL 12639 SON

Just as a singer’s voice has little to do with the size of his body, the physical size of the brand new SON has little to do with its sound. SON is the smallest Wolf von Langa field coil loudspeaker - acoustic furniture, as he calls it – but its sound is among the biggest.

As a result of the fine-tuned combination of a unique A1200 field coil speaker with an ultra-fast high frequency driver, music played through the SON fills the room with sound, while the technology takes a back seat. The perfect execution of the finest components, accomplished in the Wolf von Langa workplace, will delight; and in conjunction with their award worthy designs, they will fit nicely in any upscale residential ambience. The SON is a perfect speaker for the living room, the music room, the library, or any place in the home where people like to enjoy the sound of their own favorite music.

The Absolute Sound, USA:

„The Best: ...the Wolf von Langa Son ribbon-and-12inch-field-coil-cone two-way, driven by Air Tight electronics, was simply too good to ignore. Extremely neutral and immediate, the system produced one of the most natural sounds I heard on my Chet Baker LP. Despite some heaviness in the bass it was also superb on Satchmo and on a Rickie Lee Jones LP—just plain realistic in the midband, with terrific dynamics low-level and high. I’ve liked Wolf von Langa’s speakers in the past, but this little number really grabbed me. It was by far the Best of Show combo for the money, and in spite of its diminutive size it didn’t sound a bit miniaturized!“


Dimensions: ONLY: W 404 x H 872 x D 300 mm