Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300-B Amplifier

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Fezz audio
Mira ceti
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Wolf von Langa
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300B ≠ 300B The Mira Ceti amplifier works with the 300B tube. Although it comes with the Electro Harmonix 300-B tube the chassis is worth seriously considering this amplifier. Of course one can change the tubes to NOS tubes, or as we experienced after several comparisons (original WE 300B from 1946 and 1958, Takatsuki 300B, EH 300B different models, EML mesh and standard 300B, Full Music and KR 300B) one can take the KR 300-B tube with excellent results and the only one extremely similar sounding to original Western Electric WE 300-B. The only tube where the name of the legend comes from is the Western Electric WE 300-B. After getting more and more expensive (and the best tubes are from 1940 - 1960, depending also the usage) several companies started to copy this tube. Today far more copies are sold than originals are used, but every person who has a cheap copy from Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan or USA is proud of having a 300-B. That these copies seldom have only a little bit of the sound character of an original WE from 1940 - 1960 in common does not matter to the owners ;-) A serious music lover in opposite will try to get the chance to listen to an original some day – and we are 100% sure that he will understand why this WE 300-B got famous. In addition, and if the amplifier chassis supports tube rectification, the WE 274-B supports the WE 300-B as no other rectifier tube on this planet. So why we recommend the Polish Fezz Mira Ceti in the end? Because this amplifier chassis (including their own patented output transformers) lets you listen to an extremely well designed single ended circuit at an extra interesting price. And if you like the sound of the standard equipped amplifier you have the chance to exchange the tubes to excellent ones and gain so much musical information and quality that we do not have to discuss this amplifier any more. Important technical details: AutoBias circuit for easy tube change Exclusive output transformer in a special single-ended version Input selector Remote control for volume adjustment Power tubes: 2x 300B > replace these with KR 300-B (we can help) Driver Tubes: 2x 6SN7 > replace these with JAN 6SN7WGTB (we might help) Power: 2x 8W Frequency response: 20Hz-65kHz (-3dB) Inputs: 3x Line-In Outputs: Loudspeaker 4Ω / 8 Ω Dimensions: 340x360x215mm, weight: 14kg

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2600 EUR
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No defects, brand new Amplifier in black / chrome with brand new tubes, never used in original packing
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