Luxman M-800A Ve Luxman C-800F

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38000 USD 20.000 USD
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Luxman M-800A Power Amplifier Specificationsm-800A Specifications Rated Continuous Output 60W + 60W (8Ve #937;)/ Stereo, 120W + 120W (4Ve #937;)/Stereo, 240W (2Ve #937;), 480W (1Ve #937;) 240W (8Ve #937;) Bridged Mode (Monoblock) Peak Power 480W + 480W (1Ve #937;)/ Stereo 960W (2Ve #937;)/ Bridged Mode (Monoblock) Input Sensitivity 773Mv/60W (8Ve #937;), Gain 29Db Input Impedance Unbalanced Rca 51Kve #937;, Balanced Xlr 67Kve #937; Harmonic Distortion Nominal Voltage Gain 0.009% Or Less (1Khz, 60W/8Ve #937;) 0.1% Or Less (20Hz – 20Khz, 60W/ (8Ve #937;) 29 Db @ 8Ve #937; Frequency Response 20Hz~20Khz (+0, - 0.2Db) Dc~130Khz (+0, - 3.0Db) Signal-To-Noise Ratio 117Db (Ihf-A) Damping Factor 700/8Ve #937; Attachment Front Panel Ve #65306; Operation Switch, Operation Indicator And Stand-By Indicator, Input Change-Over Switch, Balance Indicator And Bridged Indicator, Level Meter, Meter Display Switch Rear Panel Ve #65306; Mains Power Switch, Mono Bridging Switch And Input Terminals (Rca And Balanced; One Of Each ), Speaker Output (1 Pair For Each Channel), Signal Ground Terminal And Remote Input Terminal, Line Phase Sensor And Ac Inlet Accessories Power Source Cable And Remote Turn On / Off Cable (For Use With Luxman Preamps C-1000F, C-800, C-600. Power Consumption 492W (Rated Power) 396W (Signal Less), 0.9W (Stand By) Dimensions 17.25” (W) —8.8” (H) —19” (D) Mm Weight 107 Lbs. Net 175 Lbs (Shipping Weight) Sidebar 1: Specifications Description: Solid-State, Stereo Power Amplifier With The Output Stage Biased Into Class-A, Bridgeable For Mono Operation. Inputs: 1 Pair Each, Unbalanced (Rca) And Balanced (Xlr). Outputs: 1 Pair Speaker Binding Posts. Rated Output Power: 60Wpc, Both Channels Driven Into 8 Ohms (17.8Dbw); 120Wpc, Both Channels Driven Into 4 Ohms (17.8Dbw); 240Wpc Into 2 Ohms (17.8Dbw), 480Wpc Into 1 Ohm (17.8Dbw); 240W Bridged Into 8 Ohms (23.8Dbw). Frequency Response: 20Hz–20Khz, +0/–0.2Db; Dc–130Khz, +0/–3Db. Input Impedance: 67K Ohms Balanced, 51K Ohms Unbalanced. Input Sensitivity: 773Mv/60W (8 Ohms). Voltage Gain: 29Db. Signal/Noise (Ihf-A): 117Db. Power Consumption: 492W (Rated Power). Dimensions: 17.25\\\ (440Mm) W By 8.8\\\ (225Mm) H By 19\\\ (490Mm) D. Weight: 107 Lbs (48.6Kg) Net, 175 Lbs (80Kg) Shipping. Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 70800001. Price: $16,000. Approximate Number Of Dealers: 12. Warranty: 3 Years From Date Of Purchase By Original Purchaser, Or No Later Than 5 Years From Date Of Shipment To Authorized Dealer, Whichever Comes First. Manufacturer: Luxman Corporation, Japan. Tel: (81) 045-470-6991. Fax: (81) 045-470-6997. Web: Www.Luxman.Co.Jp. Us Distributor: On A Higher Note, Llc, Po Box 698, San Juan Capistrano, Ca 92693. Tel: (949) 488-3004. Fax: (949) 488-3284. Web: Www.Onahighernote.Com. C-800F Specification Input Sensitivity/ Input Impedance Single Ended 300Mv/47.5Kve #937; Balanced 300Mv/95.0Kve #937; Output/ Output Impedance Single Ended Rated 1V/564Ve #937; Maximum 5.5V Balance Rated 1V/1,128Ve #937; Maximum 11V Total Harmonic Distortion Single Ended 0.009% (20Hz~20Khz) Balanced 0.005% (20Hz~20Khz) Frequency Response 5Hz~20Khz +0, - 0.1Db 1Hz~117Khz +0, - 3.0Db Signal-To-Noise Ratio Single Ended 123Db (Ihf-A) Balanced 126Db (Ihf-A) Input Single Ended - 3 Systems Balanced - 3 Systems Output Single Ended - 2 Systems Balanced - 2 Systems Attachment [Front Panel] Operation Switch, Input Selector, Volume Control And Fluorescent Display, Output Mode Switch And Balance Phase Change-Over Switch [Rear Panel] Main Power Switch And Signal Ground Terminal, Remote Output (2 Systems On Rj11), Line Phase Sensor, Ac Inlet [Remote Control Function] Operation And Input Selector, Volume Rise/Down, Mute, Output Mode, Phase Change, Dimmer And Channel Pre-Setting Power Supply Voltage Ac 230V (50Hz) Electric Power Consumption 24W (Fully Operational), 2.3W (Stand By) External Size W X H X D(Mm) 17.3” (440) — 4.6” (117) — 16.8” (427) Weight 39 Lbs. (17.6) Kg Accessories Remote Control (Ra-80), Power http://www.Onahighernote.Com/Luxman/?C Ve Id 36 Daha Geniş Bilgi Içindir http://www.Onahighernote.Com/Luxman/?C 4Ve Id 35 Daha Geniş Bilgi Içindir http://www.Positive-Feedback.Com/Issue66/Luxman.Htm Daha Fazla Bilgi Içindir

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38000 USD
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