Mcintosh Mx136 (Mx-136) Processor-Preamp

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Here We Have The Perfect Processor/Preamp For Your Dream Mcintosh Home Theater System. It Has Some Special Qualities That Make It The Best Choice For The Audiophile. I’Ll Explain, But First You Should Know… This Mx136 Was Found In Our Warehouse With A Broken Faceplate. It Might Have Been Taken To An Installation, Opened Up, And Then Brought Back To The Store To Be Returned To The Factory For A New Faceplate. Once Every Few Years This Happens. It Looks To Be In Such Perfect Shape, Otherwise, That I Doubt It Was Used, But Who Knows? It’S Been Sitting In Its Box, Frozen In Time, For A While. Anyway, The Faceplate Has Been Replaced By A 30+Year Mcintosh Expert And It Looks Like New Again. Mcintosh Does Have This Rule You Need To Know About, Regardless Of Whether This Was Ever Used Or Not… It Has None. It Has Been Tested, Though, And Everything Seems Super. This Mx136 Has The Special Mcintosh Box-Within-A-Box, Packing, Power Cord, Manual, And Remote Control. What’S An Mx136? How Does It Differ From The Mx120? Other Than The Just-Released Mx150 Processor, The Mx136 Was Mcintosh’S Best Processor/Preamp. It Is A Step Up From The Mx120. It Has More Inputs, More Outputs, And A Super-Cool Feature I Will Tell You About Later That Lower Models Don’T Have, And Even The New Mx150 Does Not Have. It Has Lots Of Inputs…Phono, Tuner, Cd1, Cd2, Tv, Sat, Dvd, Vcr1, Vcr2, Lv And Tape1, Tape2, All Rename-Able. There Are Eleven Composite Video Inputs, Eleven S-Video Inputs, Five Component-Video Inputs, And Four Hdmi Video Inputs. There Are Three Coax Digital Audio Inputs And Three Optical Digital Audio Inputs. There Is An Eight-Channel External Input For Use With A Blue-Ray Player’S Internal Decoder. There Are Balanced Outputs For All Channels And Two Balanced Stereo Inputs. There Is A Second Zone Built In So You Can Have A Movie (Or Anything Else) Playing In The Main Room And Listen To And/Or Watch Anything Else In Other Rooms. There Is An Rs232 Control Jack To Interface With Third-Party Control Systems. There Are Power Control Jacks To Allow The Mx136 To Turn Other Mcintosh Components On/Off Automatically. There Are Keypad/Sensor Jacks So You Can Control The Mx136 From Other Rooms. You Can Even Put Your System In A Closet And Just Have An External Sensor. I Told You There Was More Than Enough! What Makes This A Best-Choice For An Audiophile? If You Want To Go Into Home Theater But You’Re Concerned About Keeping Your High-End Sound, Several Features Make This Your Best Choice. You No Longer Need To Keep Your High-End Two-Channel Preamp And Try To Interface It With Your Processor. Unless You Have A Mcintosh C2300, C500, Or C1000 Preamp, Or A Small Handful Of Other Super-Duper-High-End Preamps, The Mx136 Will Be At Least As Good As Your Old Two-Channel Preamp. Here Are The Reasons… 1) The Mx136 Contains The Same High-Quality Phono Preamp As In Other Mcintosh Two-Channel Preamps. It’S Super Quiet And Has Accurate Equalization. Most Other Processors Have A Cheap-And-Dirty Afterthought Phono Section, If Any At All. If Do Not Have A Turntable, Tell The Mx136 That In Its Setup And The Phono Input Is Now An Extra High-Level Input To Use With Whatever You Want. 2) The Mx136 Has A Very Sophisticated Eight-Channel Analog Volume Control. Almost All Processors Use Digital Volume Controls. That’S Great For Keeping The Unit Slim, Light, And Cheap, But It Does Bad Things To The Sound. As You Lower The Volume On A Digital Volume Control, You Reduce The Number Of Digital Bits That The Preamp Has Available For The Music And The Sound Quality Suffers. That’S The #1 Reason Why Most Audiophiles Don’T Like The Sound Of Any Home Theater Processor They Have Ever Tried, Especially At Low Volumes. The Mx136 Is One Of A Tiny Number Of Processors With A True Fully Analog Volume Control. It Sounds Great At Any Volume. When You Turn The Knob, You Are Sending Pulses To A Microprocessor. That In Turn Figures Out What Volume You Want And Selects The Exact Resistance To Raise Or Lower The Volume. Once The Volume Knob Is Released, The Micro Is A Non-Issue. In Other Words, No- Compromise Sound. 3) Even When You Are In Stereo Mode, Most Processors Still Always Digitize Your Music! That’S Because Of The Subwoofer Crossover. When They Say They Have A Pure Stereo Mode, That Assumes You Have No Sub! The Solution Was For Mcintosh To Incorporate Two Subwoofer Crossovers Into The Mx136. One Is A Digital Crossover For Digital-Source Listening. The Other Is An Analog Crossover. That Means That Your Analog Sources Come Enter In Analog Form And Stay That Way Throughout The Preamp, Both Through The Volume Control And Subwoofer Crossover. You Don’T Want Your Vinyl Going Through A-To-D And Then D-To-A Conversions, Do You? Even Worse, Two Of Them! 4) So You Have A Great Pair Of Speakers Up Front…Say Some “Xve X 803S”. They Have Great Bass! Your Subwoofer’S Bass Is Louder, And A Little Deeper, But Not A Clear And Musical. On The Other Hand, You Do Want To U

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