Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 Integrated

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Orbis Audio
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100 Saat Altı Kullanılmış Demo Ürünüdür. Aksesuarları Eksiksizdir. Garantisi Devam Etmektedir. Red Wine Audio’S Signature 30.2 Is One Of My Three Favorite Amps Regardless Of Class Or Output Devices… It Sonically Goes Well Beyond Its Own First Incarnation To Have Turned Into A Bona Fide Ultrafi Amp That’Ll Upset Equilibrium In The Upper Ranks Of Overpriced Eye Candy For Those Who Pay Attention And Evaluate With Their Ears.” Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons.Com “Truly A Sonic Tour-De-Force And Not Just At The Price. This May Be The Finest All-Around Integrated I”Ve Heard.” David Abramson - Stereo Times “The 30.2 Offers One Of The Most Musical Presentations At This Price Point… The 30.2 Delivers The Goods!” Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio [1.3Mb Pdf] “Of All The Amplifiers That I’Ve Tested In Recent Years, The Signature 30.2 Is One Of The Best. Period.” Gary Krakow, Thestreet.Com “Elegantly Simple, Functionally Flawless And Sonically Whole, I Couldn’T Pass This One By. At The Price, It Strikes Me As An Utter Sonic Triumph And Serves To Remind Me Daily That Different Isn’T Always Better, Though Sometimes It Very Definitely Is!” David Abramson, Stereo Times Specifications Power Output 30 Watts Rms Per Channel Into 8-Ohms At 0.04% Thd+N Recommended Nominal Speaker Impedance 4 To 16 Ohm (If You Have Questions Regarding Your Particular Set Of Speakers, Please Feel Free To Contact Us) Input Impedance 20K (With Volume Control Option), Or 100K (Power Amp) Input Sensitivity Approx. 0.5 Vrms Dc Offset Voltage Hand-Tuned To No Greater Than +/- 5Mv Batteries 2 X 12V, 5Ah Sealed Lead-Acid (Sla) Batteries Connected In Series (24V System) Battery Charger 24V, 2,000Ma Sla “Auto-Charger,” Custom-Modified For Use With Red Wine Audio Smart Module Typical Play Time Between Full Charges Varies Between 12 To 24 Hours — Depending On Speaker Impedance, Volume Level, And Musical Demands Dimensions (Power Amp Version) 125 Width X 9.5 Depth (Including Rear Panel Jacks) X 3.55 Height (Including Feet) Dimensions (Integrated Amp Version) 125 Width X 10.5 Depth (Including Volume Knob And Rear Panel Jacks) X 3.55 Height (Including Feet) Weight (Wihout Charger) Approx. 14 Lbs. Package Weight Approx. 18 Lbs. Proudly Manufactured In The State Of Connecticut, United States Of America

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3000 EUR
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