Oyaide Mj-12 Pikap Mat

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Oyaide MJ-12 Technology due to the accumulation of many years of playing records are now entered a period of maturity. However, the vinyl, the music information is also unaware of the vast unknown owner himself has been hidden. Should pull out exhaustively the information is buried in a phonograph record, on electricity Oyaide has developed a turntable sheet "MJ-12" was thoroughly pursuing the ideal shape, material. MJ-12 is functional beauty, the feeling that a new era has come to play a record. Playback, and record turntable this sheet should let me realize firsthand, that there is likely to be still evolving. Be traced exhaustively music information engraved on vinyl, turntable sheet "MJ-12" has been designed as of formative beauty exceptional kind. Has a taper angle of contact surface is bowl-shaped vinyl of MJ-12, by pressing down on the stabilizer the vinyl record, vinyl is in close contact with the contact surface of the MJ-12. Thus, the warping of the record will be corrected to the point of perfection, the operation of the stylus is stable. Trace of a sound groove is dramatically improved. In addition, high rigidity aluminum disk which is hard anodized coating, tuning holes are arranged in a spiral shape is provided to thoroughly eliminate unwanted vibrations disturbing the trace record. Fine nuances not audible far are expressed as a veil or stripped. Awaken the music information and inspiration to empower a new representation of your record player has been hidden in your love聴盤, MJ-12 is a high-resolution analog turntable sheet of a new era. High precision cutting of aluminum processed by NC machining work hardening show excellent acoustic properties NC machining with high accuracy by cutting the processed work hardening aluminum A5052 indicating the excellent acoustic properties and dimensional accuracy. The special anodized, aluminum tuning the vibration mode. Stifle with slight vibration that occurs in the contact surface of the vinyl, we maintain a long-term durability and aesthetics. Bowl-shaped taper angle to correct the curvature of the record Wwrpage correction of the record by having a bowl-shaped taper angle of 1.0 ° elevation angle from the center to the outer peripheral portion, held down by a vinyl record stabilizer. By operation of the needle is stable, the trace of a sound groove is dramatically improved. Tuning holes are arranged in a spiral Determine the best location for the suppression of squeal (outer hole total of 18 points × 6, par × 6, the inner hall × 6) arranged in a spiral of different tuning hole opening diameter. Thoroughly eliminate unwanted vibration to disturb the trace of the record. . Slight squeal will be confirmed and the single hit "MJ-12", crying almost completely eliminated installed platter. Tuning Hall also serves as a smooth finger-engaging groove (middle hole) Removal Removal of board 10 inches (outer holes), board of EP. I smooth removal of the record. Round taper for finger hook provided on the outer edge by providing the round taper for finger rest on the outer edge, I smooth removal of the "MJ-12" from the record player. Further, since the outer diameter of 294mm and MJ-12, I smooth removal of LP Details (300mm diameter). Also thick spindle such pore diameter fitted Garrard spindle possible mate (φφ7.23). Sheet thickness that can be performed without replacement of the tone arm height adjustment It was set to 5mm thickness of the mat as well as turntable record player accessories, replacement to, "MJ-12" without giving a height adjustment of the tone arm is possible. Also in combination with "STB-MS", since the low height including vinyl when 40mm, with cover at most record player, playing records in the closed state of the cover is available.

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