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Acoustic Force
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The Viking High End Speaker With Danish Technology Acoustic Force Develops And Manufactures World Class Danish Speaker Technology. An Acoustic Force High End Speaker Is Known For Its Superior Quality Which Matches The Highest Standards On The Hifi Market. All Our Speakers Are Designed According To The Finest Danish Traditions And Built Exclusively From Danish Manufactured Parts. The Selection Of The Individual Parts Is Based On The Following Three Criteria: Acoustic Properties Technical Construction Exclusive, Functional Design Viking Cabinet A Lot Of Time And Effort Has Been Put Into Optimizing The Construction. All Sides Consist Of 40 Mm Quality Medium Density Fiberboard. The Internal Reinforcement Consists Of 24 Mm Paper Laminate Which Has Been Milled Into The Cabinet. As A Result, The Cabinet Is Extremely Firm And That Contributes To A Performance That Does Not Exceed ½ Db. The Speaker Rests On A 38 Mm Paper Laminate Base Plate With Vibration Fits Milled Into It. Terminal Plate Made From 24 Paper Laminate With +/-, And The Viking Engraved. Paper Laminate Purpose-Built Port. Bevelled Front Baffle To Provide Optimal Conditions For The Drivers. Vibration Absorbers Between The Base Plate And The Cabinet. Natural Rubber Vibration Decouplings Are Mounted Between Treble And Mid-Range. Finish Four Different Standard Finishes Are Available: Stained And Lacquered Graphite Grey Ash With White Front And Rear. Stained And Lacquered Graphite Grey Ash With Black Soft Touch Front And Rear. Oiled American Walnut With White Front And Rear. Oiled American Walnut With Black Soft Touch Front And Rear. Treble: Scan-Speak D3004/Beryllium This Treble Which Is Scan-Speaks Top Model Performs In An Outstanding Manner. It Plays So Naturally Open And Provides The Music With Such Optimal Conditions That Are Difficult To Describe With Words. A Lot Of Time And Effort Has Been Put Into This Revolutionary Treble. We Have Mounted Natural Rubber Vibration Decouplings Behind Every Screw, Thus Making It Completely Free In Its Sound Reproduction . Mid-Range: Scan-Speak 12Mu/4731T00 This Mid-Range Also Applies The Most Advanced Technologies. It Is Based On The Illuminator Woofer Motor System With Underslung Oscillation Coil And An Entirely Newly Cone Consisting Of One Complete Ultra Thin Lightweight Paper Fiber Cone. The Dome Is Part Of The Cone, Instead Of The Common Solution Where It Is Glued To The Cone. This Driver Provides Ultra Fast And Transient Sound With A Thd So Low That Scan-Speak Found It Difficult To Measure It In The Lab. In The Viking We Have Developed A Special Wave Guide For This Driver Which Provides Completely Free Front And Rear Airflow Without Any Compression, And It Is Mounted In Rubber Decoupling, Which Makes It Totally Unrestricted In Its Sound Reproduction. Woofer: Scan-Speak / Acoustic Force 18Wu X 3 Three Purpose-Built Illuminator Woofers With A Lower Membrane Weight Than The Normal Standard Due To 10 Ohm Oscillation Coil. A Lightweight Aluminum Cone With A Paper Dome Optimizes The Driver And A Higher Frequency Range, Which Makes It Possible To Utilize A Special 6 Db Filter. This Provides The Viking With Outstanding Dynamics And Ultra Fast Impulse Response. Filter / Internal Cabling Like The Speaker Itself, The Filter In The Viking Is Also Revolutionary. With The Vikings Ground-Breaking Performance, We Are Introducing New Technological Solutions To All Existing Problems. The Filter Design Utilizes All The Advantages Of A 6Db Filter And Brings It Up To The Highest Esl Level, But Without The Usual Woofer Coordination Problems. It Is Simply Impossible To Hear When One Driver Stops And Another One Takes Over. The Drivers Are Precisely Cut To Ensure Unnecessary Sound Distortion. They Can Handle Very Complex Signals, Even At A Very High Spl. The Impulse Response And Phase Response Respond Like A Normal 6Db Filter Which Ensures Extraordinarily High Dynamics And Sound Performance. The Components Used In The Filter Are Of Superior Quality: Capacitors With Gold, Zero Ohm Trafo With A Resistance Less Than 0,03 Ohm. We Do So To Optimize The Woofers Nuance And Speed. The Resistors That We Use Are Danotherm Which Have Been Selected After Having Been Thoroughly Tested. A Deviation Of Values At A Slight Generation Of Heat Is Undesirable. The Filter In The Viking Has Been Designed To Avoid Fads, Which Are Sometimes Seen In Passive Set Ups. The Terminal Connections Are Genuine Silver Thread. As We All Know, The Choice Of Cables For High End Speakers Is Crucial. We Use Dyrholm Design Audio Silver Cables For The Internal Connections. Special Requirements For These Were Made, Since We Knew At An Early Stage That The Viking Would Be Open And Disclose Even The Slightest Faults. The Satisfactory Collaboration With This Reliable Manufacturer Of A High Quality Product Has Improved The Final Sound Detail. Speaker Data: Principle: Three-W

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