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Tüm Türkiye (Whole Turkey)
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Dükkan Hifi
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oldenote XS93 Speaker -TÜRKİYEDE TEK SIFIR KADAR TEMİZDİR, KUTUSU YOKTUR. Leather with piano finish wood lacquered baffles. Classic 3 way design with paper drivers. Includes bespoke stands and spikes. Rhodium plated terminals. 93db sensitivity, infinite baffle (sealed) , thin-wall construction. Deep, fast bass, great detail. Superb with 300B SE, 2A3 amps... The XS-93 is a real 93dB high sensitivity 3 way sealed loudspeaker designed to achieve the best possible natural audio resolution in an elegant cabinet which cosmetically matches any modern environment. The XS-93s use a new extra light plywood cabinet specifically tuned which features the whole frame treated with real leather that provides a rational frequency resonance control. The rear panel works as passive driver helping the bass response extension of the speaker, thus obtaining an exceptional lifelike sound quality. The 100 litres volume cabinet houses one 12.5″ paper custom cone woofer, the only available today on the market of this size can power a sealed design. This special driver has a soft foam suspension that ensures low bass response, astonishing speed and a very high efficiency. The 6.5″ midrange is the same XS-96 top quality hand made paper semi-flat cone capable of handling high power but real fine details and fast transients response enabling incredible dynamic response. The 1″ soft dome tweeter has a double split phaser which enables great dispersion over the front baffle of the speaker and provides ultra-fine detail that guarantees a wide and deep soundstage with a very natural resolution. The hand made crossover is made with custom components such as large size film foil capacitors and precision MOX resistors wired with Goldenote solid core custom cables. The XS-93 features the Goldenote BP-01 binding posts exclusively treated with rhodium 100% nickel free to preserve perfect conductivity. MAIN DETAILS Loudspeaker – 93dB high efficiency sealed speaker – 6ohm – 3way Floorstanding 105cm tall, 37cm large, 40cm deep – 40Hz-20000Hz – 12″ paper woofer – 6,5″ paper Midrange – 1″ soft dome Tweeter TYPE: 3 way sealed speaker FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40-20000Hz ±3dB SENSITIVITY: 93dB spl (2,83Volts/1mt) TWEETER: 1″ soft dome driver MIDRANGE: 6,5″ paper cone driver WOOFER: 12,5″ paper cone custom driver SUGGESTED POWER AMPLIFIER: 5Watts – 100Watt MAX POWER HANDLING: 160Watts RMS IMPEDANCE: 4Ω nominal (8Ω on 500-20000Hz) quite resistive phase CROSSOVER: 350Hz@12dB/Octave – 4500Hz@12dB/Octave UPGRADES CROSSOVER components: PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: (LxDxH): 360mm x 400mm x 1050mm with Integrated Stand VOLUME: 100 Litres Each WEIGHT: 30.00 Kilos (88Lbs.)

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