Quad Esl 57 Mint Condition

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Esl 57
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Quad Esl 57 Tüm panelleri ve elektronik aksamı orjinaline sadık panel üretebilen tek üretici olan ve yaşayan en iyi Quad restorasyoncusu satılan Wayne Piquet ( Quadsunlimited )'in panel ve elektronikleri ile değiştirişmiştir. Malzeme maliyeti yaklaşık 3.600 usd tutmuştur. Ayrıca kuvvetli amplilerle çalındığında zarar görmesini engelleyen modern esl serilerinde de olan clamp eklenmiştir. Clamp gene Wayne Piquet'ten alınmıştır. Binding postları Cardas yapılmıştır. Wayne is our Quad ESL-57 swordsmith, a man who has spent more than 25 years honing his craft: the creation of a speaker that bests the original in every respect, and arguably is the finest loudspeaker of its kind in the world. Like any great craftsman, Wayne does things that most customers will probably never see and never appreciate. I recently replaced my aging bass and tweeter panels with Wayne's and compared them with the vaunted originals. It wasn't even close. Not only was Wayne's build quality vastly superior, their performance was unparalleled. I tested all panels with an SPL meter in tightly controlled conditions and found that the tweeter panels were within 1 dB of each other and the bass panels 2 dB at all tested frequencies. This can only be achieved with fanatical attention to detail. And the sound?... Simply wonderful! Anyone who hasn't heard one of Wayne's rebuilds hasn't really heard what this speaker is capable of. But most importantly, Wayne's meticulous nature is matched by his character. He stands 100 percent behind what he does and if there is any problem he takes care of it and then some. He is a great person to deal with and a credit to himself and his customers. The Quad ESL-57 community is very lucky that he is in business. If this were Japan, we would call him "sensei!" William Steele (October 2015) Wayne, I thought I'd heard Quads ESL 57s before - having owned maybe a dozen pairs over the years, starting in high school. But previous pairs didn't prepare me for what I heard when I firedup my long-anticipated Wayne Picquet set the first time. They sound like ESL 57s, yes - not gussied up in any artificial way - and the voice remains true and unmistakably "Quad." But it's far more emphatic, engaging, dynamic and extended on both ends of the spectrum than anything I've ever heard from ESLs. In particular, I'm genuinely amazed at the bass: a deep, controlled, forceful, musical foundation. Then there's the gorgeous cosmetic work - and a sense of confidence these units are going to work, and work right, every time. Peter Walker would want a pair. He'd say, "Right there's what I'm talking about." It's the Master's Voice. Thanks for perfecting and realizing his vision. Ken Askew (June 2012)

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