Sotm Dcbl-Cat6 Ethernet Kablosu (Network Audio Streaming Cable)

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1 metre, yeni durumda. Audioquest Vodka ile karşılaştırmasını aşağıda okuyabilirsiniz. Audioquest Vodka vs SOtM dCBL-CAT6 Ethernet Cable​; Posted by Jay Luong | Feb 19, 2016 | Cables, Digital Cables, Networking | 1  - Audioquest, SOtM Bottomline is…it makes a difference…and you don’t need a blind test to realize that. Take a cheapo ethernet cable from one brand and take another cheapo cable from another, and you’ll hear a difference. Try it. •Audioquest Vodka – $339 (1.5m) •SOtM dCBL-CAT6 – $250 (2m) .... the SOtM dCBL-CAT6 sounded much more musical. To be frank, it sounded better in every way. •More coherent sound. The music just flows effortlessly. •More euphoric and dynamic •More detailed •Better imaging and better soundstage width/depth •Very balanced and musical across the entire spectrum In comparison, the Vodka seems to suck the energy and life out of the music. The soundstage is also a bit narrower with the Vodka cable as well. Switching back to the SOtM, I get my groove back. All the details and macro/micro dynamics unravel and you’re presented with an expansive sound. It’s no contest. Going back to the Vodka, I think to myself “What happened to my music? It’s so dull and life sucks.” Like I’ve said, your setup may vary and it might sound beautiful with your gear. For what it’s worth, the Vodka did sound better than some of my hand-made and generic cheap cables here, so there is improvement with a higher quality cable. Anyway, the SOtM wins this battle on my setup by a large margin. If your setup is on the warmer side, the Vodka might work well for you as the SOtM might be too energetic. SOtM dCBL-CAT6 Before we were aware of and not knowing of its coming, the network streaming playback technology is here already becoming the one of most essential functions of sound systems. The high quality network streaming playback technology unfolded out before our eyes as a matter of reality could be referred as a new start of sound reproducing technologies to be further enhanced in the forthcoming days, yet it is also true that such convenience of network streaming playback technology has not been fully satisfying the demand and passion for high quality sound of all audiophiles. Also, as most of audiophiles could not and would not like to understand and acknowledge it, the network connection ports do transmit lots of noises to the audio systems through the network cables connected, which deteriorate the corresponding sound qualities. The fact claiming the transmission of noise through various digital interfaces has been the subjects of many disputes since the time when the high quality reproducing had been available using the USB interfaced audio devices. Those customers having used the SOtM’s products such as tX-USBexp, tX-USBhub and dCBL-U2 should be able to ascertain the presence of such noises and its eliminated solution. The dCBL-CAT6 as well, a sort of digital interface cable, has been designed and developed to improve the sound quality of network audio devices by reducing the noises concerned. As well as the improvement of sound quality, the cable is constructed of SFTP structure in order to secure the transmission stability of signals having been getting faster supporting the CAT 6 function. Further, the basic (standard) type LAN connector is made employing the CAT6 terminal completely shielded, also applicable to select and use the premium class zinc die cast LAN connector. Putting the dCBL-CAT6 together with iSO-CAT6 will allow experiencing the true value of present cable. The dCBL-CAT6 and iSO-CAT6 products are the indispensable items that must be employed to obtain the network audio sound of its highest quality.

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