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Rockport mira

16000 EUR 4.400EUR
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I sell Rocport Mira speakers. Perfect state. Glossy lacquered 11 layers and not a single scratch. As new. Musical definition and huge scene. Opportunity to own authentic Hi-End at a quarter of its price. 4 Ohm, 88 db. Excellent Scan-Speak tweeter, excellent Vifa woofer, absolutely amazing midrange Audiotechnology. Transparent Audio internal wiring. Cardas connectors. Original packaging. PAYPAL ACEPTED, of course, but at the expense of the buyer (4%). Shipping by the buyer, I will try to find an economical transport despite the dimensions and weight: 23x50x120 cm. 65 kg each speaker. In this link of Drive, you can open three folders: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YigBQw2lTpwkKsUnPcK-BljfZwHvDG2d PHOTO. With 60 photographs of the speakers. VIDEO. With two videos recorded with the original sound of the Rockport Mira. AUDIO. With five songs recorded with the original sound of the Rocport Mira. The videos are also on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Oud9n0vf3zQ https://youtu.be/viLa1-HvV2k Or find in YouTube: Rockport Mira Lloyd Cole Man Enough Rockport Mira Stacey Kemp Ice Hotel At your disposal to answer any questions. Thank you very much for your attention and excuse my bad English. Excerpt from Jeff Fritz's review on UltraAudio: I compared the Rockport Mira with two much more expensive loudspeakers that I had on hand: the YG Acoustics Kipod ($38,000/pair) and the Wilson Audio Specialties WATT/Puppy 8 ($27,900/pair). The Kipods are still the reigning imaging champs in my room, casting the most precise soundstage I’ve yet heard. By comparison, the Miras’ images were more full-bodied and palpable -- there was more life within the images, though they weren’t as razor-etched in space. The Mira played with more authority than the Kipod, moving more air in the low bass (about 40Hz and below) and therefore giving more heft and weight to music that demanded it. The Mira’s treble was not quite as prominent as the Kipod’s, though it wasn’t missing anything in the upper frequencies. Even though the two speakers’ presentations were quite different, I couldn’t tell which was giving me the more honest rendition of the highs. Now that’s a conundrum for a reviewer. Both produced a spectacularly clear midrange with no hint of coloration. Voices through both speakers were as close to sonically transparent as I’ve heard. The WATT/Puppy 8 provided another useful comparison for the Mira. Most obviously, I found the W/P8 to have the more energetic midbass punch of the two, along with incredible agility in that frequency band. With drum kits, for instance, the Wilson sounds extremely quick and tenacious. It also has the ability to keep pace with dynamic contrasts extraordinarily well, besting most speakers I’ve heard in that area. The Mira’s highs, on the other hand, conveyed as much information as the Wilson’s -- both produced detailed yet composed highs that could never be called analytical -- but its upper band was just a touch more relaxed. Both pairs of speakers also imaged in a manner spacious yet focused, though the Mira captured more of certain venues’ acoustic character. The Mira played with even greater presence and dexterity in the very lowest end, tracking bass instruments in a way that almost defied me to call the music reproduced. The YGA and Wilson speakers did a few things better than the Rockport Mira. At their far higher prices, they should -- they are highly enjoyable products. But the Mira did several things that neither of those expensive speakers do -- things the Mira shouldn’t be expected to do at its price. I’m not confident that, if I were to play all three speakers in my room for an average group of audiophiles, I would come away with a clear consensus as to which was most enjoyable. The kicker is that the Mira costs roughly half the price of the Wilson, and only about a third that of the YGA. That makes the Mira the true bargain of the bunch.

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