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New or second hand interconnects,
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36146Neotech Nei-3001 Mk3 Rca 1m hifi equipment575 TLSOLD17.09.17mecanica160reading
36026Cyrus Analog Interconnect hifi equipment450 TLCANCELED30.08.17canulu223reading
35947Nordost Frey Rca Interconnect hifi equipment350 USDCANCELED18.08.17st_kanqrene264reading
35938Audioquest Columbia Rca Ve Nrg 2 Power Kablo 600 TLSOLD16.08.17telvin194reading
35931Transparent Audio Reference Mm2 Rca Cable. hifi equipment0 USDSOLD15.08.17soundathome337reading
35905Audioquest Big Sur Rca 1mt hifi equipment350 TLSOLD12.08.17oldpre209reading
35895Acoustic Revive Line 1.0 Rs Rca hifi equipment675 TLCANCELED09.08.17oakirmak307reading
35882Stealth Audio's Pgs 2008 Rca İnterconnect 450 USDSOLD08.08.17tovgu330reading
35863Stealth Audio Hyperphono Rca Interconnect (1 M) hifi equipment1.150 TLSOLD05.08.17Kingfisher312reading
35837Acoustic System Liveline Rca Interconnect hifi equipment250 EURSOLD01.08.17oakirmak277reading
35751Tara Labs Silver Rcainterconnect 2x1 Metre 475.-tl hifi equipment475 TLSOLD21.07.17Kaya-47209reading
35729Acoustik Revive Xs 1.0 Xlr 1 Metre 275 USDCANCELED17.07.17blacksea6135reading
35705Mcintosh Copper Xlr Interconnect 75 Cm hifi equipment225 TLSOLD13.07.17Kaya-47279reading
35689Neotech 1001 Xlr Orjinal Uçlu hifi equipment750 EURSOLD11.07.17cemito256reading
35675Van Den Hul Mc Silver It65 G Rca hifi equipment1.650 TLCANCELED09.07.17tahsin460reading
35674Transparent Musiclink Ultra Rca hifi equipment1.600 TLSOLD09.07.17tahsin443reading
35625Asi Liveline Rca hifi equipment250 EURCANCELED02.07.17oakirmak464reading
35624Cardas Golden Reference Phono Cable 0 TLCANCELED01.07.17Gökhan Özgül347reading
35586Acoustic Revive Line 1.0rs Rca 750 TLCANCELED23.06.17oakirmak281reading
35576Cardas Golden Reference Din Phono Kablosu hifi equipment1.500 TLSOLD22.06.17Firochromis195reading
35562High Fidelity Cables Ct-1e Enhanced 1metre hifi equipment1.350 USDNOT SOLD20.06.17dr_M_cochlea410reading
35530Ecosse Symphony Interconnect hifi equipment350 TLCANCELED18.06.17st_kanqrene305reading
35523Straight Wire Rhapsody S Xlr hifi equipment300 TLNOT SOLD17.06.17Zarvo274reading
35499Naim Hi-line Interconnect Kablo hifi equipment1.000 TLNOT SOLD16.06.17fouronthefloor458reading
35480Çeşitli Kablolar 1 TLNOT SOLD15.06.17tovgu399reading
35475Talk Cable High Definition Monitor Rca hifi equipment250 TLNOT SOLD15.06.17pavurya300reading
35473Chord Cadenza Reference 1m. Rca hifi equipment1 GBPSOLD14.06.17hkngny336reading
35472Cardas Clear İnterconnect Cable Rca hifi equipment850 USDSOLD14.06.17menekse571reading
35465Acoustic System Liveline (asi) Rca 1mt hifi equipment300 EURSOLD13.06.17ozgurkoc505reading
35436Mark Levinson Madrigal Cz Gel-1 Xlr Kablo hifi equipment150 USDNOT SOLD10.06.17zenhifi404reading
35428Hosa Zaolla Gümüş Xlr Kablo hifi equipment300 TLNOT SOLD08.06.17Tolky413reading
35427Audio Note Rca hifi equipment520 TLNOT SOLD08.06.17e-405490reading
35418Oyaide Tunami Terzo V2 Sıfır 0.6 Metre 400 TLNOT SOLD07.06.17tolgaa387reading
35417Ifi Gemini Kablo 0.7 Metre 600 TLNOT SOLD07.06.17tolgaa199reading
35416Cardas Golden Ref Phono Cable 1,25 M hifi equipment1.200 TLNOT SOLD07.06.17Dükkan HiFi479reading
35408Cardas Golden Ref Xlr Kablolar hifi equipment2.100 TLNOT SOLD06.06.17Dükkan HiFi445reading
35407Cardas Golden Ref Xlr Kablolar 2.100 TLCANCELED06.06.17Dükkan HiFi62reading
35401Audioquest Yosemite Rca Çifti (5 M), 72 V Dbs hifi equipment2.200 TLNOT SOLD05.06.17Kingfisher472reading
35334Crystalcable Absolutedream 2.0 M Balance Kablo hifi equipment7.000 EURCANCELED30.05.17jubilee395reading
35325Supra Eff-isl Interconnect 300 TLNOT SOLD28.05.17ozcanyildiz295reading
35318Transparent Powerlink Xl 2,56m hifi equipment1.395 TLCANCELED27.05.17sonicman385reading
35317Transparent Balanced Music Link Ultra hifi equipment2.750 TLCANCELED27.05.17sonicman305reading
35287Neotech Nei-1002 Solid Core Occ 7n Saf Gümüş Xlr hifi equipment1.000 TLSOLD25.05.17yasin.caliskan454reading
35277Nordost Valhalla Rca 2x1mt. hifi equipment1.050 EURCANCELED23.05.17soundathome582reading
35253Van Damme Silver Kablo & 75 Ohm Coax Rca hifi equipment200 TLCANCELED17.05.17yasin.caliskan322reading
35252Canare L-4e6s Star Quad - Kulaklık Upgrade Kablosu hifi equipment250 TLCANCELED17.05.17yasin.caliskan144reading
35250Naim Quad Meridian - (5 / 4 Pin Din To Rca / Xlr) hifi equipment200 TLNOT SOLD17.05.17yasin.caliskan397reading
35247Mundorf Silvergold - Gümüş & Altın Rca Kablo hifi equipment350 TLNOT SOLD17.05.17yasin.caliskan366reading
35246Mundorf Silvergold - Gümüş & Altın Xlr Kablo hifi equipment550 TLNOT SOLD17.05.17yasin.caliskan399reading
35215Ansuz Signalz Ceramic 2m Xlr Balanced Interconnect hifi equipment1.700 EURSOLD15.05.17parkcaka580reading