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ID No: #1156
05.03.2020 17:45

Dükkan Hifi

Cube audio f10 neo driver stoklarda

Cube Audio F10 Neo fullrange driver

Cube Audio F10 Neo is a new 10" fullrange driver.  With ultra-powerful neodymium magnet motor and new cone geometry new Cube Audio 10 inch flagship drivers are now available. 

Thiele / Small parameters

Fs  = 30 Hz 
Re  = 5.5 ohms
Le  = 0.006 mH
Qt  = 0.43
Qes = 0.44
Qms = 17.8
Cms = 0.76 mm/N
Vas = 127 liters
Sd= 346 cm^2

Bl  = 9.7 Tm

Xmax = +- 3 mm*

Xdamage = +- 6 mm
Sensitivity = 92 dB

Impedance = 6 Ohms

  • Voice coil remains in 100% of magnetic field.

Why and how do we do it
We believe that fullrange speakers can create an illusion of live music that multiway loudspeakers struggle to match. Amazing soundstage, absolute holography, magical midrange, open and direct sound that gives you the most emotional presentation possible of your favourite music.

If you have ever heard a good implementation of the fullrange speaker, you know exactly what we are talking about.

We are very happy with the performance of Cube Audio 8" drivers. Plenty of positive feedback from our happy customers, very enthusiastic reviews, but there still was this ... "we should do more". We knew that if we wanted to go into "even more fullrange regions", we would have to increase the size of the driver. The answer was 10" design, and it happened to be a very good choice. First of all, the size increase is meaningful enough so that it really makes a difference, but on the other hand, we had to overcome plenty of traps placed by mother nature. Physics is heartless and it really did everything it could to play with us "the hard way".