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2014 Recommended Components

Stereophile Dergisinin 2014 Yılı Tavsiye Edilen Ürünleri Arasında Yer Alan Ürünlerimizç Hepsi Ve Daha Fazlası Www.Audioavm.Com Adresinde! Http://Www.Stereophile.Com/Content/2014-Recommended-Components-Turntables-Tonearms-Cartridges-Etc Pikap Kolları Class A Ikeda It-407Cr1: $6500 Imported From Japan By Beauty Of Sound, The It-407 Is A Remarkable, High-Mass 12 Tonearm: A Beautifully Rounded Construction Of Polished Chrome And Stainless Steel That Appears To Be At Once Both New And Old, Said Ad. It Offers Several Setup And Adjustment Features, Including: Spring-Actuated Dynamic Tracking Force; A Calibrated And Adjustable Falling-Weight Antiskating Mechanism; An Adjustable Lift/Lower Platform, Mated To Ikeda'S Trademark Spherical Cueing Knob; A Headshell That'S Easily Adjustable For Overhang, Offset Angle, And Azimuth; And An Adjustable Arm Pillar. The Ikeda Excelled At Minimizing Groove Noise And Produced A Big, Round Sound With A Freedom From Harshness And Overall Sonic Poise That Served Every Record Art Played. The Japanese Arm Sounded Every Bit As Beautiful As It Looks, He Summed Up. (Vol.36 No.8 Www) Pikap Iğneleri Class A Miyajima Labs Kansui: $3600 Like The Miyajima Shilabe, The Kansui Uses A Cross-Ring Motor Design, Weighs 10.4Gm, Has An Internal Impedance Of 16 Ohms, Is Fitted With A Shibata Stylus, And Has A Curvaceous Body Of African Blackwood. Because It Has A Higher Compliance, However, The Kansui Can Track At A Significantly Lower Tracking Force For Greater Speed And Resolution. Though It Lacked The Haniwa Hctr01'S Resolution Of Spatial Information, The Kansui Offered A Meatier And More Intimate Sound, With Forceful Bass, Rich Textures, And Solid Images, Said Mf. (Vol.34 No.11) Miyajima Labs Shilabe: $2995 Ve #10025; The Shilabe Is A Low-Output (0.23Mv), Low-Compliance Design With An Unusually High Recommended Tracking Force Of 2.5–3.2Gm. Its Shibata Stylus Is Attached To A Large-Diameter, Old-Fashioned–Looking Cantilever. Like Miyajima'S Premium Mono, The Shilabe Uses A Patented Cross-Ring Construction That Centers The Generator'S Fulcrum Within The Coil. Though It Lacked The Soundstaging And Imaging Of The Shun Mook Signature, The Shilabe Had A Sound That Was Full-Bodied, Deep, And Extremely Well-Defined, And Offered Superbly Coherent Transient And Harmonic Presentation From Top To Bottom, Said Mf. Ad Also Enjoyed The Shilabe'S Consistently Present, Colorful, And Downright Chunky Sound. It Was The Closest I'Ve Heard A Stereo Cartridge Come To Delivering The Meat, The Force, The Sheer Solidity Of Mono, He Said. (Vol.32 No.9, Vol.33 No.10 Www) Miyajima Labs Zero Mono: $1995 The Zero Mono Cartridge Has An Output Of 0.4Mv, Making It Compatible With A Wide Range Of Moving-Coil Phono Preamps. Compared To Miyajima Lab'S Premium Be, The Zero Produced A Similarly Big, Rich, Meaty Sound, But Offered Improvements In Image Focus, Clarity, Transient Detail, And Bass Control, Said Mf. If You Treasure Your Mono Albums, Get A Zero. It'S Infinitely Better Than Any Other Mono Cartridge I'Ve Heard, He Summed Up. (Vol.36 No.3) Soundsmith Sussurro: $4800 Designed And Built In The Us By Soundsmith'S Peter Ledermann, The Sussurro Is A Low-Output (0.3Mv), Low-Mass (8.79Gm), Moving-Iron Cartridge Intended To Be Used With An Mc Phono Stage That Can Provide 60Db Of Gain. It Has A Wood Body, A Ruby Cantilever, And A Line-Contact Diamond Stylus; Its Unique Construction Allows For Adjustment Of Azimuth, Vertical Tracking Angle, And Stylus Rake Angle, All From The Cartridge Body. Though It Lacked Some Resolution And Detail, The Sussurro Was An Exceptionally Quiet And Smooth Tracker, And Offered A Slightly Warm And Lush Overall Sound, Said Mf. The Sussurro'S Stylus'S Severe Profile Mandates Precise Settings Of Overhang, Zenith Angle, And Especially Sra And Vta. (Vol.35 No.3) Class B Pikap Iğneleri Transfiguration Axia: $2450 Transfiguration'S Entry-Level Cartridge Is Housed In A Resonance-Controlled Body Of Machined Aluminum. It Has A Boron Cantilever, An Ogura Diamond Stylus, A Specified Output Of 0.4Mv, And A Recommended Tracking Force Of 2.0Gm. Compared To Transfiguration'S Far More Expensive Orpheus L, The Axia Lacked Spatial And Textural Complexity, Harmonic Resolution, And Frequency Extension, But Produced Clean, Precise Attacks And Solid, Well-Focused Images. The Transfiguration Axia Is Easy To Recommend At Its Price, Said Mf. Current Production Uses A Heavier Gauge Of Wire On Coil With Fewer Windings. (Vol.34 No.5) Pikap Aksesuarları Onzow Zero Dust: $69 Ve #10025; A Circular Mound Of Semi-Gelatinous Goop In A Box, Onto Which You Gently Lower Your Stylus, Said Mf. Use Is Simple: After A Few Seconds, You Lift The Stylus, And It'S As Clean And Residue-Free As The Proverbial Whistle....Upside: No Potentially Dangerous Brushing, And No Fluids. Downside: If You Like To Leave Your Platter Spinning, You'Ll Have To Stop It Each Time, Or Find Another Steady Surface Upon Which To Perform The Operation. (Vol.25 No.3) Dac Class C Hrt Music Streamer Ii+: $349.95 Ve #10025; Hrt Music Streamer Ii: $179.95 $$$ Ve #10025; Though Nearly Identical To The Original Hrt Music Streamer Usb Dacs, Housed In 4 -Long (Streamer Ii) And 5 -Long (Streamer Ii+) Extruded-Alloy Sleeves, The Ii And Ii+ Versions Include Upgraded Power Supplies, Usb Transceivers, And D/A Chips, Handling Sample Rates Up To 24-Bit/96Khz Resolution. Compared To The Original Models, The New Hrts Sounded Bigger And Richer, With More Saturated Tonal Colors, Especially In Woodwinds, Brasses, And Voices, For A Realer, Incontrovertibly More Involving Sound, Said Ad. Compared To More Expensive Dacs, However, The Hrts Lacked Openness And Body. Nevertheless, Ad Concluded: Just Buy The Thing And Get On With Your (Musical) Life. (Vol.33 No.12 Www) Kablolar Audience Au24 Se: $1190/1M Pair Audience'S Latest Interconnect Uses An Rca Plug Of Tellurium-Copper Alloy With A Single, Small Contact Point, Meant To Reduce The Formation Of Eddy Currents. Compared To Audience'S Au24 E, The Se Version Offered Superior Detail, Clarity, Timing Precision, And Image Focus, Said Bd. Au24 E Owners Can Upgrade To Se Status For $220. (Vol.36 No.12, Vol.37 No.2 Www) Audience Au24E: $990/1M Pair, Unbalanced; $1595/1M Pair, Balanced Ve #10025; The Updated Version Of Audience'S Au24 Uses The Same Conductors, Materials, And Construction As The Original, But Requires A Much More Labor-Intensive Process To Attach The Terminations To The Cable. With A Tonal Balance That Fell Midway Between The Cool-Sounding Nordost Valhalla And The Warmer Nirvana Sl, The Audience Au24E Had A Powerful And Immediate Sound, With Huge, Fast, Clean Dynamics And Transients. Compared To The Original Au24, The E Version Had Greater Transparency And Resolution, Said Bd. Costs To Upgrade An Original Au24 To E Status Are $195 Unbalanced, $225 Balanced. (Vol.33 No.6 Www) Audience Au24: $795/1M Pair, Unbalanced, $455/Additional Meter; $1350/1M Pair, Balanced, $845/Additional Meter Ve #10025; The Au24S Had A Neutral, Relaxed Sound, Said Bd, With Good Extension At The Frequency Extremes And A Wide, Deep Soundstage. However, They Did Not Reach The Density Of Tonal Colors And The Extreme Inner Detail Of The Expensive Nordost Valhalla. Nor Could They Match The Nirvana S-X Ltds.' Incredibly Natural Soundstage Reproduction. Nevertheless, The Au24S Were No Slouch, Just A Bit Off The Standard Set By The Very Best I'Ve Heard. (Vol.25 No.8 Www) Audience Au24E: $1795.50/2M Pair Ve #10025; Original Au24 Can Be Upgraded To E Status For $300. $400 Each Additional Meter. See Interconnects. Ja Found The Au24E To Sound Too Warm With The Vivid B1S. (Vol.33 No.6, Vol. 34 No.10 Www) Audience Au24: $1925/3M Pair, Single Wire, $450/Additional Meter; $3450/3M Pair, Biwire, $845 Additional Meter Ve #10025; It Was As A Speaker Cable That The Au24 Really Shone. Bd Actually Preferred The Au24 To His Reference Valhalla In Terms Of Tonal Balance, Imaging, Resolution Of Inner Detail, And Soundstaging. (Vol.25 No.8 Www) Hepsi Ve Daha Fazlası Www.Audioavm.Com Adresinde!