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25.06.2008 07:31

Grant Fidelity Launch Rita-880

Canadian Audio Distributor Grant Fidelity Has Just Launched Its Reference Kt-88 Tube Amplifier - Rita-880 At The Vacuum State Of The Art Conference (Vsac) 2008 In The United States. We Are Looking For Worldwide Resellers To Carry This Beautifully Handbuilt Tube Amp: - The First Thing You Notice When Listening To Rita Is The Exceptional Soundstage And Detail. Even Large And Complex Speakers Disappeard Into The Music. - Rita Is Truly An Object Of Beauty Even When She Is Switched Off, But When She'S Powered Up She Turns Into A Veritable Wonderland, Thanks To Her Blue Leds, Red Tube Heaters, Translucent Meters, And Polished Faceplate. - At 90 Pounds You Know You Have Entered In To The World Of High Class Audio. Rita'S Anti-Shock Aluminum Casing Completes The Stunning Appearance That Will Be Welcome In Any Room. Rita Is Based On Over 15 Years Of Hi-End Manufacturing Experience, Which Is Then All Folded Into A Solid Contender With The Sound, Looks And Pricing That Make It One Of The Best Buys In Hi-Fidelity For Accurate Music Reproduction. Rita Can Easily Drive Complex Speaker Loads And Matches Well With Both Affordable Speakers And Exotic $100K+ Speaker Systems. 450 Watts Of Peak To Peak Power Allows You To Experience The True Dynamics Of Your Music And The Balanced Design Adds Up To 5Db Of Signal Gain To The Amplification. Rita Outperforms Most 100W Class A Solid State Amps That We Have Compared Her Against. Truly A Stunning Design That Even Runs Relatively Cold, Allowing Your Tubes To Last Much Longer. The Case Is Actually Cold To The Touch. A Wide Selection Of After- Market Tubes Is Available To Allow You To Easily Customize The Sound Of Your Amp. Custom Hand-Made Power And Output Transformers Ensure That Rita Has The Right Amount Of Power On Instantaneous Call For Low Noise And High Dynamics. Point To Point Hand Wired Circuitry With Excellent Quality Capacitors And Resistors Allow For The High Bandwidth, Low Distortion Character Of Rita. She Performs Like Solid State, With High Dampening Controller Any Woofer Properly, But With That Special Sound We Love About Tubes. Rita Excels At Any Type Of Music From Soft Classical To Modern Heavy Rock. Ve #8216;I Was, Simply, Really Impressed With Rita, No Matter What Music I Played And No Matter The Source. She Has A Great Mix Of Much Of What Many Consider The Best Of Ve #8220;Tube Soundve #8221; And Solid Stateve (Customer) Specifications - Power: 45W Per Channel - Thd: ≪ 1% (1 Khz/1W) - S/N Ratio: ≫ 95Db - Frequency Response: 18 Hz - 38 Khz - Input Impedance: 100K Ohm - Output Impedance: 4-8 Ohm - Voltage: 120V ± 10 % - Size (Lxwxh): 22 —18 —13.5 Inch - Weight: 90 Lb. - Unique Pure Class A, Fully-Balanced And Non-Negative Feedback Circuits - Valves: Kt-88Eh X 4 And 6Sn7 X 2, 6Sl7 X 2. Detailed Product Feature Sheet With More Pictures Can Be Downloaded Grant Fidelity Website. Http://Grantfidelity.Com/Site/Rita (Bottom Pdf File Link) If You Are Interested In Carrying Grant Fidelity Line Of Products, Please Contact .