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27.03.2015 12:22

Ypsilon Audio Aramıza Katıldı

Tartışmasız Dünyanın En Iyi Phono Amplilerinden Vps 100 Ve Özgün Tasarımlı Lambalı Amfileri Ile Ypsilon Artık Audioavm Farkı Ile Türkiye De Stereophile 2015 A+ Tavsiye Edilen Aelius Mono Amfiler , Yine Aynı Dergi Tarafından A+ Tavsiye Edilen Phono Amfisi Vps 100 Ve Pst 100 Pre Amplisi Çok Yakında Dinletide! Stereophile 2015 A+ Power Amplifier Ypsilon Aelius Monoblock: Made In Athens, Greece, The 200W Aelius Monoblock Power Amp Measures 16.6 W By 9 H By 16.6 D And Weighs 99 Lbs. Its Audio Circuit Has Only Two Gain Stages And Almost No Passive Components In The Signal Path. Its Single-Ended Class-A Input Stage Uses Either A Siemens C3G Or An Electro-Harmonix 6C45Pieh Tube. With The C3G Tubes In Place, The Aeliuses Produced A Punchy, Direct, And Insistent Sound With Hair-Raising Transparency And Three-Dimensional Imaging; With The 6C45Pieh Tubes, The Aeliuses Had A Much Warmer, Darker, Softer Overall Sound, Said Mf. On The Test Bench, The Aelius Exhibited Measured Performance That Was In Many Ways Typical Of A Classic Tube Design, But With The Ability To Drive Low Impedances Usually Associated With Solid-State Designs. Its Sound Quality Will Very Much Depend On The Input Tube Fitted, Said Ja. (Vol.36 No.4 Www) Stereophile 2015 A+ Phono Preamplifier Ypsilon Vps-100: Made In Greece, The Moving-Magnet Vps-100 Is Beautifully Built And Housed In A Substantial Aluminum Case. Joining The Boulder In Class A+, It Uses A 6Ca4 Rectifier Tube And Choke Filter, While Riaa Is Accomplished Passively With Zero Feedback Using A Transformer-Based Lcr Network. All Internal Wiring Is Done By Hand, Point To Point. While It Couldn'T Quite Match The Bottom-Octave Punch, Definition, And Extension Of The Pass Labs Xp-25, The Ypsilon Produced A More Transparent, Silky, Airy Overall Sound, Said Mf. It Produced An Absolutely Intoxicating Blend Of Stupefyingly Extended High Frequencies, Resolution, Clarity, And Transient Precision, Along With Tight, Deep, Nimble, Nonmechanical Bass, And An Ideally Rich Midrange, Said Mf And Has Since Purchased The Review Sample. (Vol.32 No.8, Vol.34 No.3) Http://Www.Ypsilonelectronics.Com/Files/Press/59653A2Cb32Fa31Ddc321Dc2B0A9A154.Pdf Http://Www.Ypsilonelectronics.Com/Files/Press/5A37F5A0Aa81Afb63Ecff8440C73Fbb5.Pdf Http://Www.Ypsilonelectronics.Com/Files/Press/639802710951184F620071F28734Db1E.Pdf Http://Www.Ypsilonelectronics.Com/Files/Press/Df620C16Ebdae0Fa87Db86D6D2Bc2026.Pdf Http://Www.Ypsilonelectronics.Com/Files/Press/40F444F644C2804998F6F0B54232Ab89.Pdf