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10.11.2012 14:26

Zu Audio Union Hoparlör Stokda

Zu-Audio Union Model Hoparlör'Ler Stoklarda.. Zu Union Loudspeakers Are All About Dynamic Expression, Dimensionally Stable Leading-Edge Resolution, And Tone-Right High-Fidelity Playback; With Design Decisions Weighted So That Most Anyone Crazy About Music And Holding A Job Can Afford. Union Is Sensationally Dynamic And Resolving Of Transient And Dimensional Details. Union Is A High Effi Ciency, High Output, Moderate Impedance, Direct Radiating Coaxial Floor-Standing Loudspeaker. Union Features A Co-Ax Version Of Our New Full-Range High-Output Nanotech Full-Range Driver. Union Also Uses Our Zugriewe Driver/Box/Room Acoustic Loading Technology, Runs With Crossover Or Fi Lters On The Full-Range Driver, Complimented By A Coaxially Mounted Dynamic Tweeter Providing The Acoustic Sparkle And Resolution From 12Khz And Up. Http://Www.Zuaudio.Com/#Union-1A-Loudspeaker.Php