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22.02.2008 00:00

Which Audio Component is better than the other!

Which Audio Component is better than the other! Which one is better, the one provides more details or less! The first answer would be the one which delivers more details. Better systems provide better resolution and more details IF IT IS TRUE. What happened to me a time ago confused my mind and I would like to share it with others. We made a joined project with Swiss Hi-End company Audio Consulting to upgrade my Avantgarde Uno's Avantgarde speakers have crossovers for treble units. Crossovers have been prepared by using AC by very high quality paper in oil caps and custom made pure silver coils. Internal cables of mid and treble units were also prepared by them. Obviously the difference was so big, much cleaner sounds, air and resolution. You know to be an audiophile is similar to be a junky. When you hear better sounds then ever, you listen at more music. When you get used to it, you spend less time with the system. So the audiophiles spend more and more to perceive that effect. This was the case for me at that time and I was listening at all my reference recordings for days. Everything was clearly better that even my wife understood the difference :-)) But something happened. I was listening Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas Songs (I highly recommend that CD Telarc 2000) I think at the part nine or eleven, there is an hourly alarm sound from someone's electronic watch in choir. When I had heard that sound first time, it appeared to be coming from the TV near at me. Whenever I changed something in my system, that sound went to somewhere else. After the crossovers upgrade, that sound became so dull and weak, not possible to hear anymore unless you repeat the part several times. How come !!! It should have been more evident. Another strange thing happened as well. The new CD of John Atkinson Stereophile Editor's Choice consists of a choir record as well. It recorded in a church and direct to two track. This part has quite strong ups and downs in conjunction with chorus. When the music was up quite strongly, distortion was happening at the treble region of Avantgardes. I was almost sure that the recording mikes were in compression. But after the crossovers upgrade, that distortion was gone. How come an upgrade to speaker managed to correct the CD record :-))) I asked those questions to my Friend Serge Schimidin, director of A. Consulting and received very interesting answers as follows; Regarding to the Watch Sound: This technical noise is having no correlation with the music. With the improved coherence in the musical happening which is due to improved resolution, the technical watch noise has lost its artificially high importance due to lower coherence in the musical scene. Improving the coherence in the musical happening put the watch noise back to where it belongs. This effect is subjective and due to the fact that we here more music as the resolution was improved. Sometimes, traffic noises seem to be lowered by improved resolution just because we realise they are outside the room where the music was recorded. When the musical event becomes very coherent and resolved, we still hear the technical noises but realise they are remote. Regarding to the microphone effects: Especially speaker crossover parts are very stressed as they have to do the crossover and at the same time transfer energy. Improving them for high resolution parts will reduce distortion, as all resolution improvements do. The quantum step would be multi-amplifying, using crossover parts before the amplifier (in our ref. system). This allows having the crossover to be active where there is no energy transfer to the speakers. Once you have the speakers connected directly to the amplifier without any crossover part, this is another world. You however need two (if possible identical) amps. But definitely worth the game!!! Ozhan Atalay March 2004