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Dynaudio Excite X36 Floorstanding

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Excite x36
Kargo ile Gönderim
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Stok Sayısı
5000 1950 EUR
Satıcı Bilgileri
Ürün Açıklaması
Serinin en üst modelidir.TR Distribütöründen sıfır olarak alınmış kısa zaman özenle kullanılmıştır.Sıfır denilecek durumdadır. Hatta kutularından hiç çıkmamış gibidir.Kutuları, örtüleri ve içeriği eksiksizdir.İhtiyaç fazlası durumdadır.Hand Made In DenmarkTakas ve pazarlık teklif edilmemesi rica olunurEk olarak;Klas A amfi ile kullandım. Gerek sahne oluşumu, enstrüman - vokal ayrışımı ve genel müzikalite kusursuzdur. Oluşan sahne sonrası kaybolan, varlığını hissettirmeyen bir karaktere sahiptir.Audioreview Users İnceleme;This is a great floorstander and Dyn once again holds true to it's namein terms of quality and trickle down technology from the confidence,contour and focus lines. It's an amazing value at 3600.00 a pair and igot a demo discount pair so even better on my end. They do everythingwell with a 5.1 Cambridge Audio 551R home theater receiver that does 2channel very well and a matching 751 DVD universal player. The bass issolid as usual with the 2ea 7 inch drivers per cabinet. the 4 inch midis fluid and so steady at voicing and imaging!!! The tweet is thedynaudio icing on the cake as their silk dome application is so kick assin every way. The cabinet has really been improved with substancialinternal bracing and better overall construction! The cherry real woodveneer is awesome! always first rate since the day i forst saw any DYNproduct!!Symbols and horns on Dave Koz albums are incredible. ACDC is greaton record or of my Mac Mini blue tooth streamed. Dave Mathews Band isvery dynamic music and it handles that with no sweat. Female artistslike Sarah Mclaughlin and Bareilles are so supple and vivid. On evenbetter gear like a dedicated integrated like my Rogue audio Sphinx it'son a whole other level of performance to say the least. They work wellwith tubes like conrad johnson and audio research amp tube or solidstate makes these boys sound off!!!! What more can i say as I'm a fanuntil the day I die and everything is made in house in Denmark soquality control is at it's finest... Can't wait to visit the factorysome day!--------The Dynaudio Excite x36 is a must hear for anyone looking for aloudspeaker in the $5,000.00 range. This loudspeaker does several thingsreally, really well. For example, the x36 does the "disappearing act"incredibly well. Set up properly, the Dynaudio casts aspookily-realistic, goosebump-inducing soundstage. These speakers imageas well as any loudspeaker I've heard under $10,000.00, and I've heard alot. The imaging is truly pinpoint; each instrument delightfullydelineated within the soundstage. And the Excite X36 are LIGHTNING fast.As in planar fast. I auditioned these speakers in my smallish listeningroom for a week before pulling the trigger. Initially I wasunderwhelmed. Typical Dynaudio sound, but a bit light on bass. Iexperimented with toe-in, rake and distance from back-and-side walls inan effort to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I paid off. Inspades! This speaker is VERY sensitive to positioning. You must investtime in getting the toe-in, distance and rake just right. I never reallyput much stock in the "move 1/4 inch at a time" practice, but with thisspeaker it REALLY makes a difference. Likewise with amplification. MyBAT VK-500 solid state amp produces 250 wpc into 8 ohms, 500 into 4ohms, and more importantly, a stout 75 amps. These speakers reallyrespond to the juice, and they are so revealing that lower-qualityupstream components will be quickly exposed. The one thing that everyonewho has heard this speaker agrees upon is that the Excite x36 is amaster at detail retrieval. Wow. As you've heard many people say manytimes about audio components, I really did have to plumb my albums andCDs to look for new detail and nuance that I hadn't heard before. It's ablast. Lastly, the other big impression this speaker makes is the DEPTHof the soundstage. I have heard speakers in hi-end shops pull this offbefore, but never in my listening room have I been able to conjure theDEEP presentation the x36 create. I sat there chuckling, shaking myhead, thinking, "It's like my listening room is 50 yards deep!" Needlessto say, at week's end I bought them. Highly, highly recommended.
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5000 EUR
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Kutusu Var
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Elden Nakit,

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