Audiomica Erys Excellence Interconnect Cable 1Mrca

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Erys Excellence M1 - Modification 0.1 Erys, Likewise The Whole Excellence Series, Is Made Of Oxygen-Free Monocrystalline Copper Occ (Ohno Continous Casting) N6. A Solid-Core Copper Wire In A Dielectric Made Of Fluoro-Organic Fep (Teflon) Constitutes The Main Body Of This Cable. Erys Excellence, In Order To Eliminate The Negative Influence Of Electromagnetic Field, Is Equipped With Five Screens. Two Are Made Of Aluminium Foil And Three From Counter-Woven Copper Braid. Especially For This Cable Of Large Outer Diameter, Our Engineers Designed New Plugs. The New Plugs Are Silver-Plated In The Two-Stage Galvanisation Process Known From The Ultra Reference Series. The Five-Screen Structure Of Erys Excellence Allows Us To Recommend This Cable To All The Audio Systems Where An Influence Of Electromagnetic Field May Cause Sonic Interferences. Swap Your Insufficiently-Screened Cable For This Excellent Product! The Whole Excellence Series Has Been Designed For The Most Demanding And Advanced Audio Systems. Each Cable Has Several Prototypes Tested For Electrical Correctness In Our Laboratory And Underwent Listening Tests In Our Studio. During Our Open Listening Sessions On Fridays We Approved The Seventh Prototype As The Final Version Of Erys Excellence. Erys Excellence Provides A Great Vocal Reproduction Without An Artificial Sharpening And Colouring, And Without Sonic Distortions. With Erys Excellence You Will Literally Touch The Stage. Moreover, The Bass Is Surgically Precise And Warm At The Same Time. The Sound Of The Cable Is Not Irritant In Its Character And Thus Enables You To Enjoy Very Long Listening Sessions. Modification 0.1: Erys Excellence Is Of A Really Successful Design,But If There Is Something Which Can Be Improved, We Just Do It. The Modification Of The Cable Involves The Application Of New Golden-Plated Wbt Plugs Of Greater Technical And Sonic Parameters. The Outer Shielding Of The Cable Is Also Changed. The Braids Of Higher Density Provide A Better Protection Against Electromagnetic Interferences. Erys Excellence Underwent An Outer Face-Lift And In Effect The Finish Is Of Gold Colour. M1 Version Is On The Market Since 1St January 2014. The Price Of The Cable Is Unchanged. 1. Outer Shielding Of Greater Density. Better Anti-Interference Protection Screen 4: 90% Cover Changed Into 100% Cover Screen 5: 70% Cover Changed Into 90% Cover 2. Golden-Plated Wbt Plugs 3. Colour: Gold View Previous Versions Of The Cable. http://www.Audiomica.Com/Us/P_Erys_Excellence.Htm Conductor: Solid-Core Occ, N6 Hot Wire Screen 1: Metallic Foil Screen 2: 95% Cover Dense Copper Braid Screen 3: Metallic Foil Screen 4: 100% Cover Dense Copper Braid Screen 5: 90% Cover Dense Copper Braid The Outer Diameter: 1X17 Awg Cable Diameter: 10 Awg Filter: Dfss (Option) Plugs: Wbt Gold Rca Color: Red Series: Excellence Product Brand New Right From Manufacturer. With Original Serial Number, Certificate Of Authentic Packed Into Original Wooden Box. Press Reviews: http://www.Highfidelity.Pl/@Main-1403Ve Lang Http://Stereoikolorowo.Blogspot.Com/2012/07/Kable-Audiomica-Exellence-Erys-Celes.html http://www.Audiomica.Com/Download/Audiomica%20Laboratory%20-%20Erys%20Excellence%20Interconnect.Pdf

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